some day ago Man and Lady take monkey in car for go visit little fair. monkey happy. why. here why monkey happy. monkey never before go see fair and all 100 % a + fun thing what happen at fair.  it make monkey say wow many time when get to fair and walk around. monkey ask Man please take many picture for monkey show every body what happen at fair. Man say ok but Man not let monkey put many picture here. just some picture. monkey hope reader like picture of day of monkey at fair.

first thing monkey see = big wheel go up & round in sky. Man say it have name ferris wheel. monkey not want to go up in little seat on wheel. it go up too far in dark sky and scare monkey. maybe monkey fall out from ferris wheel and break head. or arm. or lightning come  from cloud and kill monkey up there.


when walk around monkey see little tent what have tiny lady and tiny horse and 1 half snake lady born alive. monkey want see tiny lady but Man say it not polite for stare at people what different. ok say monkey. how about tiny horse. Man say ok and Lady take monkey for see tiny horse. it really = little. monkey have fear of snake so not want see snake child born alive.

smallestwomansmallesthorse  snakechild

Man have tattoo so monkey think here good idea. monkey ask Man let don make cool airbrush tattoo on monkey. and Lady. Lady say no thank you & Man make frown face at monkey and say no. monkey think maybe some day monkey bite Man on hand for all the time say no this & no that. but monkey smart and not bite. just think.


there many game what have cool prize. Man say it all cheap crap and might just as well throw money in trash barrel. monkey say look. there lady walk with stuffed giraffe under arm what lady win at game what show peoples win games. Man say forget game. so monkey not play game. here picture of game and prize what monkey not play and not win. there many game more in fair but here 4 picture.





also there many place for eat. Man say no wonder there so many mans and ladies what = huge in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. monkey say how about corn. corn = healthy vegetable thing. Man say ok but no sausage and fried oreo and fried dough and turkey leg and cotton candy and etc and etc. Man and Lady have hot dog first. monkey think pig ok animal so not want hot dog. then Man and Lady take monkey then where tent sell corn where Lady get butter on shirt. here picture. and other food picture.







there many other thing at fair what not here in picture. there parade with mans and ladies play bagpipe and there float and there firemans and etc. there many little store in tent what sell t shirt and pet id tag and jewelry stuff and hat and window decal thing and etc. there other ride not just big ferris wheel. one ride have big tube in blow up pool. people go in tube and roll around pool. monkey see big girl in tube roll around in pool. monkey not know why but watch girl make monkey sad. 1 ride other = little car what go round and round with electricity. Man say it bumper car. but no body in there ride on bumper car. there more ride too. many ride spin peoples fast. monkey wonder why peoples like get fast spin. Man say beats me.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope there little fair by reader. maybe reader get airbrush tattoo. and eat sno cone. and shoot machine gun for win prize.