Man use pen for write thing on paper.  pen have name fountain pen. monkey scratch head for show  not understand & ask Man explain please why write with fountain pen. Man say fountain pen = favorite writing tool. it fill hand nice & Man not need press hard for make many word flow smooth onto paper.  Man say too it remind Man of when Man learn write cursive many year ago when little boy and that = nice memory. Man think fountain pen cool. monkey think too fountain pen cool. here same kind fountain pen Man use most. it have name lamy vista. Man use noodler bulletproof black ink for refill little ink holder thing what go in lamy pen. it better ink from what in cartridge ink thing what go in pen for use just 1 time. many mans and ladies what use fountain pen think lamy pen = 100 % a + fountain pen what not cost arm + leg.

goodbye today reader. maybe reader try out cool fountain pen and start enjoy write on paper with hand.