today Man ask monkey please make comment on summer reading list of Man. monkey have no better thing for write so tell Man ok. Man say here what Man read this summer and make recommend for reader try book on reading list of Man. some book on list Man already read and now read again.

if reader click on book in list then reader go where can find out more about book. then maybe buy on www internet dot amazon place or other store. ok here list.

Man say if he have time then he read more book than on list. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask why Man read book in time of summer when it nice for go outside and play. Man laugh and say Man and Lady go outside many time in summer for bike and canoe and fossil hunt and watch bird and etc etc but also need time for play inside head. that important too say Man.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader look at some book what Man read this summer. maybe reader find idea for book for read in summer month of june and july and august and play inside head.