monkey little while ago see musical thing what have name book of mormon. it loud & flashy and have many swears and naughty thing and sometime make monkey laugh.  it not = 100 % hype of ad what say it most funny musical of this century. it about b – musical thing not a +. sometime it clever. most of time it not clever. monkey say if reader want go see book of mormon for say yep i see book of mormon then go see book of mormon. if reader want have more laugh and save $$$ go rent many good funny movie on netflix place or buy funny book.

book of mormon musical thing make monkey ask Man if Man have religion in brain. Man say no monkey and explain Man = deist most of time and not need religion what organize brain for Man. not need commandment or religion rule for see difference between right & wrong. not need religion for go church and get boring yak yak yak from people what think they special god people . not need make formula prayer. not need believe thing what make no sense in logic part of brain. not need give up reason. not need give church $$$. Man say walk in woods good enough church for Man.

monkey worry Man go place what have name hell and burn forever in hotness with devil stick pitchfork in ass of Man for not have 1 true religion. Man laugh and say well monkey i guess ill find out wont i. then Man say maybe reader go see about flying spaghetti monster church and maybe that make reader think little bit about religion and how maybe good moral behavior without all super natural blabber blabber  make more sense.

goodbye today reader. if reader go see book of mormon maybe reader like. if see book of mormon and have regret for spend $$$ on ticket then reader not blame monkey.