today post  = post # 400 of idea from simple brain of monkey. yay for monkey. today monkey celebrate # 400 post with give joke for reader. it not for littles what not get joke. it good joke for smart grow up mans and ladies. here joke.

little old lady have 2 monkey pet for many year. 1 day 1 monkey die from old age. 2 day later monkey # 2 die from broke heart from miss monkey # 1.

little old lady not know what for do with 2 dead monkey. then she think hey it good idea for take monkey to taxidermist for get stuffed.

little old lady tell taxidermist sad story of how 2 poor monkey die and how she want monkey stuffed.

taxidermist ask little old lady if she want 2 monkey mounted.

little old lady blush and say no just holding hands.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you get joke and not scratch head for show not understand.