that what Man call boy what run facebook thing show. monkey not understand what mean koch lite. Man explain it mean little boy zuckerberg try = big swimmer in politics cesspool and try make peoples think zuckerberg thought by throw $$$ around.

monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man why any one want swim in pool full from poop. Man say it in nature of some human being what = politican and greedy capitalist. monkey say it not nice for call name but Man say he call it like he see it.

Man give up facebook thing long time ago and still live. Man say please monkey tell every body think about quit facebook and have more time for do thing in world. quit facebook thing and not support little koch lite boy zuckerberg. monkey ask Man if it easy for quit or if it hard like quit smoke poison cigarette. Man say if reader want quit facebook it aint hard. Man say go link here for see how dump facebook.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have better thing for do than support mr zuckerberg boy. maybe read good book. maybe talk with friend and have coffee. maybe have hobby what give health and make brain grow and etc.