here 2 trilobite what Man find. 1 roll up and 1 flat. part of flat 1 still under little piece rock. later Man clean 2 trilobite and make look nice. Man find more trilobite too not just 2 trilobite in nice picture. other mans and ladies look at what Man find and say wow.

monkey ask Man why Man go today for  sit in sun 5 hour and bang on rock for find trilobite. Man say it all start many year ago when Man maybe 8 year old. that 57 year ago. Man find little piece fossil coral some place and think that = interesting. then Man start read book about big animal what have name dinosaur. Man read all dinosaur book in school library. next Man read all book about fossil and dinosaur and long ago life in library of little city where Man grow up. friend of Man take Man hunt fossil all over when Man = little. Man love ever since fossil and dinosaur and life long ago. it hobby. Man remember one of favorite book when little. it have name all about dinosaurs. man name roy chapman andrews write it. today there many more book about fossil and dinosaur etc for littles. Man think it good idea for take littles on hunt for fossil so littles have hobby for life.

maybe reader want find out more about trilobite. ok go here this site.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have nice hobby what fun for do. like find fossil or watch bird. not like drink and smoke. drink and smoke = bad hobby.