yesterday Man and Lady and monkey go walk 2 hour in big woods place and see and hear many thing. monkey make list what have some thing of what Man and Lady and monkey find.

  • rose breasted grosbeak bird what = 100 % a + pretty bird and have nice song. go link and see and listen.
  • blue winged warbler bird what hard for any one see but make little buzz song. click link for reader hear song.
  • wood thrush bird what pretty with spots and make song like flute. this bird shy and shut up when mans and ladies go close by bird. not like blue jay what make big noise always.
  • long snake what have bulge in middle what = lunch of snake. maybe frog or little animal like vole and mouse. monkey want pick up snake but Man say it bad for pester nature.
  • may apple plant and fiddle head fern what Man say good for eat. Man not take fiddle head and leave alone for prettiness in woods. but later when may apple get ripe Man go back and take some for eat. here can find out about how eat may apple.

today Man and Lady not go for walk. busy with other stuff for do. tomorrow Man go hunt trilobite and maybe find. if find trilobite Man say he make picture for monkey put here in blog for reader see what = trilobite. now monkey go take nap.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you click on link for find out about bird etc. maybe then can find nice woods for go walk in and find own bird for see and hear. maybe snake and little may apple.