today monkey think about all thing monkey fear and ask Man if monkey = normal. here what monkey fear now.

  • bad mans what not know monkey come for blow up monkey ass and kill monkey any way.
  • monkey get many side effect from drug monkey see on televisionon.
  • big snake and owl what come for kill monkey and eat.
  • car run poor monkey over when driver text and monkey die in street.
  • monkey breathe in smoke from mans and ladies what stand outside and puff cigarette and monkey get sick.
  • monkey eat food what not pure and clean and what have little bug in it and chemical spray and get sick from bad food.
  • monkey never  = star on televisionon reality show like celebrity apprentice.
  • local televisionon weather man come to house of Man and Lady and blab and blab and blab and bore monkey to death about precip and temp and etc.
  • monkey fall a part when get old and Man throw monkey in garbage.
  • monkey not find meaning of life before fall apart and go in garbage.
  • when spider walk on ceiling of bedroom monkey fear spider drop down on monkey and bite.
  • monkey think maybe pill on monkey coat not just little fuzz ball but bad health growth what spread all over monkey and kill monkey.

Man say it better for monkey sing song or tell joke or read good book with Lady or watch Leave It Beaver on televisionon than think about all fear. Man say almost all fear monkey have = irrational. monkey ask Man what mean that. Man say it mean most fear of monkey = plenty stupid.

Goodbye today reader. monkey hope you not have irrational fear like monkey. It hard for live life when afraid.