yesterday Man and Lady go for have big easter day feast time with many cousin. there many food there. there ham and egg and turkey and sausage and potato and salad and casserole and etc. and etc. many dessert too. Man and Lady take placek and cookie for other cousin eat. monkey think one thing in feast = 100 %  interesting = soup what have name czarnina. czarnina soup = duck blood soup. here picture duck blood soup what 1 cousin make for feast.


here picture bowl what have duck blood soup. monkey know it sound nasty but Man say it taste 100 % a + excellent. this not april fool joke monkey play.

monkey bet reader probably have question what in duck blood soup. here monkey make list of some thing in soup. in czarnina there duck meat and water and salt and celery and onion and potato and carrot and prune and noodle what have name kluski and flour and salt and pepper and etc. and in soup yes there real duck blood mix with vinegar what mans and ladies buy from some butcher.

goodbye today reader. maybe reader go find recipe for czarnina and have big adventure food for try. Man say it delicious food what he remember from when little boy and big treat now when can find it.