this day monkey hear on televisionon man what have name of big kitty tiger ready for = # 1 in golf game.  monkey understand what mean that. it mean tiger man knock little ball with stick into little hole in ground better from other mans what knock little ball into hole in ground. monkey not understand why other mans and ladies think knock little ball = interesting. Man say it just way mans and ladies invent for waste time left in life and for take away pain of empty life for little bit.  like go in bar and drink and drink. or watch reality televisionon crap. or read celebrity news on www dot internet dot com. or watch stupid cute puppy or kitty or jackass video on youtube. etc. monkey not sure Man = correct and make experiment later of watch 100 % whole golf game on televisionon for see if it = bore.

goodbye today reader. maybe  reader make experiment too of watch golf game of mans knock tiny ball into hole. maybe it exciting. maybe there big meaning in golf game. monkey find out for self if golf game make better meaning of life.