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today monkey read that republicrap politician in great state what have name mississippi want let teacher what have conceal gun permit bring gun to school.  for protect littles. monkey not sure that good idea and ask Man if that good idea. Man make snort sound in nose and say it time for turn on sarcasm. here what Man say.

Phooey! Puny little concealed handguns? That’s not nearly good enough.  Let’s install an M134 Minigun behind sandbags next to the teacher’s desk in every classroom in the country! Put that six-barreled baby firing an awesome 2,000 to 6,000 7.62 mm rounds per minute in the hands of well-regulated teacher militias–hey, no more school shootings. End of story.

now Man say it time for turn off sarcasm. he say idea of arm teacher with gun = 100 % stoopididity from robopath whackjob.

goodbye today reader. monkey glad monkey not have to go school in #1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. it sound like too scary place.