monkey not write for many day. that because from more than 1 reason. here 4 reason.

  1. monkey have 100 % great upset from badness of man come with gun for murder little children and teacher  in school. it hard for monkey understand how bad man so easy get gun what make it easy for shoot so quick so many poor little children and teacher.
  2. monkey get overwhelm from all bad politic news about cliff and etc and all fight between republicrap and democrap robopath politician.
  3. monkey tired from holiday stress of watch many commercial of stoopididity on televisionon. buy this. buy that. buy car for xmas. buy more and more. buy this crap. buy that crap. Man say he glad when great annual disturbance = all done. monkey agree.
  4. monkey too not write because Man busy with write own book and not have time for poor monkey. Man say first thing first.

now Man say it time monkey help with gun problem in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. Man say there not 1 goddam reason for anyone have fast shoot gun what have design for hunt and kill mans and ladies and littles. Man use bad word goddam because Man angry. here what Man ask reader do. monkey too think it 100 % a + good idea.

  • click here for go place for see if senator of reader = man or lady what want ban on bad killing gun. or not.
  • if senator not want ban then Man say please not vote for brainless senator who too stupid for say no to gun lobby. Man say senator what in pocket of gun lobby = part responsible for mass murder with assault weapon gun.
  • here 1 more thing. maybe reader want contact politician and say it time for assault weapon gun get ban. ok. click here for go place for tell senator and representative and mr president and mr vice president and governor and etc etc.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you help make # 1 team usa more not crazy by help ban gun what no one in right mind need for hunt or target shoot or defend house from bad mans.