today monkey show picture of thing Man and Lady and monkey see on walk in nature place yesterday. monkey like go walk with Man and Lady. why reader maybe ask. here why. Man and Lady have 100 % good eye for see many thing and show monkey. here some nice picture Man take with camera thing when walk.


here Lady walk in nature. it day of coldness and grayness and there little bit snow in woods but Man and Lady say it perfect day. Lady say mans and ladies have different idea about what = perfect day and place but Lady rather walk in beauty of outdoor in place what have 4 season for enjoy.


in woods part of walk monkey see these many print of feet in snow and ask Man what animal feet belong to. Man laugh and say it look like turkey feet make print. monkey get excite and want see turkey. Man say but monkey turkey not want see you and hide far in woods. monkey have disappoint and ask Man how make turkey come out of wood. Man say it better for leave turkey in peace and maybe see another time.


monkey see up in tree thing what look like big gray basketball and think maybe it nest. Man say monkey = correct. it nest all right. it big nest of hornet only all hornet gone now and nest empty. monkey ask Man how hornet learn build nest and Man say it example of evolution. monkey scratch head for show not understand and Man say ok we look it up later when home.


Lady say look monkey at big hole in dead tree. Man put quarter coin in hole for show how big = hole. monkey ask what rip up tree with giant hole. monkey afraid maybe bear around. Lady tell monkey it only big woodpecker what have name pileated. monkey get excite and want see giant woodpecker but Man say again it not want see monkey and hide in woods. maybe next time on walk monkey get lucky and see giant woodpecker what come back and work on tree many day and look for food.


there squiggle on log on ground what look like some one make art. Man say bark beetle make squiggle. monkey ask why. Man say it 1 more thing for look up later when home. there quarter again. monkey think walk never end in woods. always when go home Man and Lady and monkey look up thing in book and on www dot internet dot com.


in woods monkey spot animal what on side and not move. Man say animal = opossum. Man say sometime opossum pretend for be dead for escape fight with other animal but this time opossum not pretend. monkey feel sorry for opossum animal but Man and Lady say that just part of whole picture of nature where thing come and go every day. monkey ask if Man and Lady go like opossum some day and Man and Lady say certainly. monkey ask where Man and Lady go and Man say every thing what now live go same place as opossum.


here live animal now. reader look close for huge turtle what have name snapping turtle. it there up over foot of Man. Man have surprise for see turtle move around in month of december but there turtle anyway go slow in water. Man think it not good idea for put quarter on turtle so just put foot in picture for show bigness of turtle. Man say head of turtle = size of hand of Man. that very big turtle. if click on picture 2 X reader maybe see turtle better.

that all picture for today. monkey like go walk with Man and Lady and monkey always see some thing what interesting.  Man say it beat sticking eyeball to screen. Lady say nature have many story for tell about meaning of life. it like school where not have to sit at desk.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope eyeball of reader not stuck to screen and reader have nice nature place for walk in and see many interesting thing. and learn thing.