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monkey hear royal kate and royal william now have royal baby come out from royal kate pretty soon. monkey ask Man why that make big news. Man laugh and say it big news for  mans and ladies what have nothing better for read and watch.

monkey scratch head for show not understand. Man go then and make more explain for simple brain of monkey. Man say big royal news = big media cud chewing for sell prolefeed magazine and tabloid paper and get mans and ladies watch commerical ad on stupid show on televisionon like on abc and nbc and cbs morning prolefeed show. and entertainment tonight show. and etc.  Man say it possible for measure i q of mans and ladies by amount of interest what mans and ladies have in royal news. Man say it  inverse relationship. monkey not know what mean that and Man say he too busy for explain more today and go away monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have thing  to do what more interesting from chew prolefeed cud of royal news.