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monkey see and hear many story about fiscal cliff. monkey scratch head for show not understand why mans and ladies in washington not play nice like good littles in kindergarten. Man say that because they run on program of lobby and corporation and ideology and not give 1 rat ass about we the people. that what Man say. monkey not see much reason for not believe Man.

monkey ask why same old congress mans and ladies keep go back and do crappy job in washington. Man say there 1 big reason. # 1 big reason = congress mans and ladies know how 100 % bamboozle voter.

monkey ask Man how stupid = voter what keep give job back to congress mans and ladies what suck at job.

Man say it so stupid it = stoopididity. if reader not know what is stoopididity go click link up on top for find out.

goodbye today reader. monkey have idea for reader think about. here idea. why not voter fire congress mans and ladies what crap up life for # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.