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here nice picture 1 more time for thanksgiving in year 2012. this picture show little family of Man and Lady what = sister lady and husband of sister lady and monkey. Man say it ok for put picture on www dot internet dot com place if face have pixel so no body come and find and bother Man and Lady. it not matter if monkey face have pixel. every body already know monkey and not bother monkey.

here what 4  human being and monkey in picture do on day of thanksgiving. cook and bake and eat and drink and tell story and laugh and joke. here what peoples not do. go shop. not friday too. & not saturday too. Man and Lady say they opt out from hallowthanxmas forever because it crazy time and they already have enough crazy in life. Man and Lady not buy xmas present even for each the other. monkey think about this for many minute. maybe Man have correctness but simple brain of monkey need think more about opt out from hallowthanxmas.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope simple brain figure out thing like stampede of shopper and big bargain sale and black friday and gray thursday and crazy peoples run and push and punch and shove for buy many piece what Man call electronic crack for device addict and other 100 % crap for xmas and how hallowthanxmas fit in meaning of life and etc. monkey think human being nuts. but not human being in picture up there.