after giant big election of rombama 2012 monkey have great exhaustion and need rest from write blog. many many day monkey take rest. now monkey turn on televisionon again and not have fear of get bombard with stoopididity of politician from duopoly. duopoly = word Man use for way politic run in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

but today monkey not write about politician and stoopididity of politics. today monkey give 100 % a + good recipe for dessert.

maybe reader ask why do this monkey. there 2 reason.

  • # 1 reason = it almost day of thanksgiving when mans and ladies and littles eat big bird what have name turkey and eat many other thing like potato and squash and etc. 1 thing mans and ladies and littles eat = pumpkin pie. if sick of same old pumpkin pie recipe monkey give today good for eat recipe instead.
  • # 2 reason = soon dessert what monkey give recipe for not on shelf of store.

ok. click here link for super full of wonder recipe. monkey say reader = welcome for many thanks reader give monkey for link.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy recipe. monkey maybe give 1 more recipe for dessert next time. or maybe give joke. but  not write about politic.