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today monkey make last politic post for some time. monkey turn attention of simple brain to other thing next.

but today monkey think mans and ladies what live in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave deserve different way of look at team usa and world.

monkey give link for youtube movie. go please listen dr jill stein green party candidate with mind what open and think about what dr jill stein say. not just react with kneejerk. think.

ok. here link. dr jill stein. it take less time for listen message than watch 1 televisionon reality show what full of stoopididity crap. or watch republicrap and democrap debate what full of hot air and promise what empty and vitriol and same old nonsense baloney.

goodbye today reader. monkey now be quiet on politic. until duopoly politician insult simple brain of monkey later. when next time monkey write it about not politic. maybe monkey review movie or give recipe or tell joke or etc.