Man tell monkey big giant storm come from atlantic ocean and head for # 1 team usa america. monkey have fear and want hide under bed but Man say not worry. storm not make big problem where Man and Lady and monkey live in house. monkey say whew. next monkey start worry about mans and ladies and littles what live where come big  storm. Man say there no magic wand for stop storm so mans and ladies better get smart and ready for storm and batten down hatches. monkey scratch head for show not understand about hatches. Man say it mean just do every thing possible for get ready for storm.

monkey say that = same thing Man say about election of mr president # 45 for # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free and home of brave. first before election come big storm and wave of lie and 1/2 truth and vitriol and fear tactic. then come reality of what happen after election.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if you have life and house near big storm you have flashlight and water and bandaid and food and etc. monkey say hope reader in storm have hatch batten.