sometime Man = mean man. Man say xmas list monkey make before in year 2010 and year 2011 = selfish and full of stoopididity. Man say go ahead monkey. show reader selfish and stupid list from before. ok. here 2 list from before so reader see for self that monkey not selfish and not have stoopididity. here monkey xmas list from year 2010 and list from year 2011.

this year 2012 Man say monkey choose for list max only 3 thing monkey want and rest of list = idea for present for do some good on earth planet. here little xmas list of monkey 2012.

1. monkey want whizzer bike. nobody make new whizzer bike now but if Man try hard on ebay etc maybe monkey get whizzer. maybe Man find old whizzer in barn someplace and buy for monkey. monkey tell Man it = 100 % big fun for Man buy whizzer bike and drive monkey for ride on street and wave at every body but Man say that not happen. monkey hope Man just kid monkey and buy whizzer for secret big surprise for monkey xmas present.

2. monkey want still puppy dog what have name brittany for xmas. here many picture of nice brittany dog. 1 time Man and Lady have brittany dog what = friendly and full of energy and happiness. Man say it best dog ever. but Man say life of Man and Lady change and Man and Lady not have room in life for dog any more so monkey not get dog puppy. plus Man say xmas = not good time for bring puppy into house. still monkey hope Man make secret buy of brittany puppy for 100 % a + big surprise xmas present for monkey.

3. sea monkey magic castle. it not cost many $$$ like whizzer and puppy. only 19.99.  + tax maybe and ship.  item = available and monkey can watch then with amazement many awesome sea monkey in magic castle for many hour and not bother Man and Lady.

ok those = 3 thing monkey want best. whizzer and puppy and sea monkey magic castle. Man say monkey lucky if get good book for read. but monkey still have hope.

now Man say it about time monkey stop stoopididity and give reader idea for how make present for earth planet so mans and ladies and littles have better life. here idea. reader go check www internet place what have name charity navigator and find good charity for make present to. Man like doctors without borders and save the children but there many good charity for reader choose from.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have fun for hallowthanxmas shop. monkey hope reader maybe get super nice whizzer bike and puppy dog too. maybe awesome sea monkey toy. and now maybe reader go www internet charity navigator place for look at good charity for make hallowthanxmas present to.