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today monkey make 100 % big apology for forget wish reader happy hallowthanxmas long ago on october 1.  it slip out from simple brain of monkey. today monkey give reader super nice card for big super # 1 team usa holiday of go shop until drop and spend many $$$.

it not too late for go shop shop shop for hallowthanxmas 2012 super holiday. no cash no problem. monkey suggest go use mr plastic card if it not already max out. or make layaway. or maybe have big yard sale and make junk = $$$ for spend spend spend. here 1 more example. or maybe not buy new tire what car need and spend $$$ instead for many present reader deserve. just drive more careful on ice and snow and get new screen gadget thing not new tire. monkey say reader not should text on new gadget when drive on ice and snow with old crappy tire. new gadget maybe break in accident. maybe reader break in accident too.

now monkey have great excite for hallowthanxmas and wonder what present monkey get this year. soon monkey have new xmas list for present monkey want 2012.

goodbye today reader. monkey say happy hallowthanxmas and now go do patriot duty and make # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave 100 % a + big strong country with # 1 a + economy in world with many consumer spend $$$.