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monkey watch now 2 mr president debate and not hear 1 question about some thing what monkey want answer for.  so monkey ask question here on sock monkey say blog and hope mr not governor anymore willard mitt romney and still mr president # 44 barack h obama read blog and answer monkey please. monkey want just yes or no answer. no talk talk talk blab blab blab. no dodge and dance and answer other question what monkey not even ask. no attack other candidate with dirtbomb and pointy finger and rude interrupt. just answer question. and not tell porkie.  here some question monkey have curiousness about.

  • was earth made by big creator what have name god 6000 year ago. yes or no.
  • ok for politican wear religion on sleeve. yes or no.
  • ok for teach creationism stuff in public school. yes or no.
  • are many ocean of earth planet now full of big dangerous pollution what need help now before too late. yes or no.
  • is earth planet more and more warm with bad crap in air because man make crap and should clean up crap. yes or no.
  • is education for not rich peoples big problem with no easy fix but better fix before # 1 team usa america = country of great stoopididity. yes or no.
  • is big bunch of poor mans and ladies and littles and old people what are homeless and not have food enough and health and chance for decent life in # 1 team usa america big problem for fix fast. yes or no.
  • ok for big fat corporation and other hiding group make big no name donation for get candidate in office power. yes or no.
  • part of government job = help take care of poor or sick or old citizen. yes or no.
  • ok for team usa spy on mans and ladies what citizen of # 1 exceptional team usa america and kill mans and ladies when mr president give decree. yes or no.
  • is lady = 100 % equal of man and get equal good choice of job and equal money for same job. yes or no.
  • is lady = 100 % equal of man and get equal choice of decide how care for own body as man. yes or no.
  • ok for appoint supreme judge of court because of value and bias. yes or no.
  • ok for insult brain of citizen with many attack ad and robocall what throw dirtbomb at enemy candidate. yes or no.

that all question monkey think of right now today. probably there more question but that now enough. if monkey get simple yes or no answer for question that help monkey decide who 1/2 way maybe ok candidate.

goodbye today reader. monkey bet you have many question for candidate what candidate not want talk about. monkey bet you tired too from cirque du rombamadrama. monkey bet you sick too of hear empty talk of vagueness and watch silly dance around problem what candidate not want talk about. maybe reader like go share question of monkey for candidate on facebook and twitter and etc.