first monkey thank Man for help write headline what say second presidential debate. monkey first write headline what say how many porkies mr candidate tell but Man say there not many reader know what is porkie. if reader want know go here for find out what = porkie.

monkey ask Man who win debate reality show at university of hofstra and Man say it hard for say but the truth not always win. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man if mr willard mitt romney and mr barack h obama give truth to we the people what live in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

Man say there no short answer for monkey question and monkey need go do fact check work. monkey not have time so Man say ok monkey. go see site what do job for mans and ladies. here link for reader. monkey go there and read and then know how many 100 % true thing next mr president # 45 say. and how many porkies.

goodbye today reader. monkey say go read fact check for find out truth about truth and what porkies 2 mr candidate say.