Man and monkey think party of greenness = have best mans and ladies for help health of world and mans and ladies all over earth planet. Man say there need be name for what go on in big 2 party campaign in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. monkey scratch head for show not understand and Man say it time for new name for big campaign of 2 party system what have name democrat and republican. Man and monkey put 2 head together and come up with new name. here name.

  • duopoly follies
  • cirque du rombama
  • the never ending bunkfest
  • who wants to be commander in chief
  • last candidate standing
  • so you think you can lead
  • # 1 team usa got 100 % big problem
  • it dirtbomb time 2012

last 2 idea come from simple brain of monkey.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you vote for green party candidate. green party have good idea. go see green party idea.