when monkey wake up this day monkey think hey monkey tired from politics. monkey sick of ad on televisionon. monkey sick of robocall from robopath republicrap and democrap campaign. monkey sick of  decide what politician do most small hurt to # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. poor simple brain of monkey full of headache from politics. so monkey not think about politics today. and not write about politics today.

today monkey try hard get idea for write about. it hard and Man say ok monkey. go try blog idea generator thing online someplace. so monkey go try. here some idea generator thing give monkey.

  • early american art
  • polyphony
  • barrack obamas deceased grandmother
  • faking happiness
  • cyborgs
  • things you regret
  • sequencing amino acids
  • flossing
  • your favorite celebrity
  • quantum mechanics
  • finding good desktop wallpapers for your pc
  • beautiful rivers in holland
  • the best ping pong tables
  • best animal for a pet

when monkey see best animal for a pet idea monkey say bingo. every body like have pet so monkey think that = good topic. so that what monkey write about today. here monkey idea for favorite pet.

best pet = lobster. here why. lobster not need special food just garbage what  left over from food of mans and ladies. lobster not need go walk or make poop on furniture or rug or throw up under bed like dog or kitty pet. lobster just stay in aquarium thing what reader find cheap in want ad. lobster not need go vet for get shot or for get anal gland fix or for get spay or for get flea and tick dead.  if lobster get sick just throw away lobster. if  not too bad sick maybe mans or ladies can boil and eat lobster. lobster not friendly or sit in lap so when lobster die it  not so bad like when dog or kitty die and every body cry. when lobster die just throw away lobster and not cremate or put in cemetery for pet for $$$. just get new lobster what look like old lobster and it like old lobster not die. here last idea why lobster = best pet. lobster pet make good start for conversation when some body ask what kind pet you have. you say i have lobster and amaze other mans and ladies who say wow and that awesome.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not mind for monkey not write about politics and write about 100 % a + best pet what is lobster. maybe reader go buy awesome lobster for pet. if it not work out then reader just eat lobster with easy recipe.