ha ha monkey have good laugh when hear republicrap robopath politician say word we built it. republicrap robopath think life = all about business and $$$ and me first and good luck you. monkey have big news for republicrap mans and ladies. life not all about business and $$$. life about what jesus man say. and other religious man. and other man what not have religion but think all human being in life together and help each the other for have good life while on earth planet. life not all about business and yacht and off shore account and swiss bank and country club and drinkiepoo after golf game and etc.

here what monkey think republicrap build. monkey think republicrap mans and ladies build big hole in ground. then republicrap hire for part time minimum wage no benefits middle class mans and ladies for drive bulldozer machine and push sick and poor and old into hole. that what republicrap party build. republicrap mans and ladies too build world with big fence keep out immigrant and poor and meek and middle class and etc. monkey tell reader hole and fence = metaphor and think reader get what monkey mean.

goodbye today reader. monkey not run for = mr president # 45 of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. but monkey not quit call out crap politician. that include democrap too.