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monkey fall asleep when watch democrap convention on televisionon pbs station. maybe reader want know why monkey go sleepy bye. here why. convention = big show with story monkey already know from hear before. it = same old big vague talk talk talk and big promise again and emotion crap and sappy video etc. monkey hear all this stuff before.

now here what monkey say after 2 convention of republicrap and democrap fairytale theater. here come announcement. monkey decide drop out of race for = mr president # 45 of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

why reader maybe ask.

here why. monkey already shabby enough with wear and dirt. monkey not want get more dirt from politics. so monkey quit contest and monkey throw support to democrap party. monkey say go vote mr obama = mr president # 44 part 2.

why reader ask.

here why. this monkey opinion. reader not like monkey opinion = that too bad. republicrap = horrible awful selfish ive got mine good luck get yours way of think. democrap = at least not make rich more rich for play more golf and buy more yacht and make poor more poor and not have health and food and house and ruin usa not so fast as republicrap. monkey say go hold nose with finger and vote for democrap.

goodbye today reader. monkey glad for leave contest for live in house of whiteness in washington dc city what have stink of corruption rot and robopath politician and network of greed of special interest and hidden plan of angry dangerous ideologue and zero real care for we the people and full of 100 % loud stoopididity and anger and hostile stuff. monkey glad go back into simple life of simple monkey with simple brain. but monkey still keep nail politician here in blog.