today monkey post few last picture and few last comment about 100 % a + vacation.  here go.

wow here big moose cow stand on cabot trail and eat and look at monkey. when animal big like moose monkey get 1 bit nervous but cow just stand and chew and then go back in wood. monkey think maybe it interesting for try ride on moose but Man laugh. he say it way more than interesting.

1 thing monkey like 100 % when travel = monkey make many new friend. here two littles from place far away over ocean what have name england. monkey hope littles find picture here on www internet dot com and remember day they meet famous monkey what one time run for president # 45 of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

vacation = not all run around. some time Man and Lady and monkey sit quiet for while and relax and maybe read or drink wine or snooze or chat or etc. relax time = good time for monkey sit and think about what see and hear. like coyote wolf combo and moose cow and maybe head in trash and moon shine on lake and sign on road what say mr chicken straight ahead. monkey want Man and Lady stop so monkey see mr chicken. it almost only thing monkey ask for do on whole trip. do Man and Lady stop at mr chicken. no. Man keep drive right by mr chicken and monkey never learn who = mr chicken. Man say it just name of little restaurant but monkey think maybe in restaurant there man what look like chicken. now monkey never know.

in big fort in place what have name louisbourg there little church place. in church place there man hang on 2 piece wood. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man mean that man hang on wood. Man say it long story and maybe later explain. that mean Man never explain. monkey feel sorry for man on wood and ask Man for let monkey go and give man hug. Man say why not. Man say it more better than most human being on earth planet would do to man on wood if he come back to earth planet and preach what he saywhen here before.

Lady sit and look and listen at wave of ocean in place what have name green cove. it 1 of favorite place on earth planet for Man and Lady. they find green cove 4 year ago and visit again. water in green cove come from ocean have name atlantic. it big ocean and far over ocean live many people what not live in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. Man say most mans and ladies and littles live some where else on planet. monkey ask Man why america think team usa = # 1 special. Man say it long story and it meme what only some american still believe.  monkey want ask more but Man say be quiet monkey and enjoy ocean and sky and rock. be quiet.

many day Man and Lady and monkey travel in rent car mitsubishi over nova scotia nd new brunswick and see and hear many thing. Man say it good for travel and learn that there big world what go all around little world of every day life of mans and ladies. and monkey. Man say there lot to learn when keep eye and ear open when travel and talk with mans and ladies from all over earth planet. monkey agree. then it time go home. here monkey behave and sit nice with lady on via rail train what go back home. it good for travel. monkey go already with Man and Lady coast to coast and see both big ocean and learn many thing. it good go home too.

goodbye today reader. Man take 700 + picture on vacation but monkey ask for only few on blog. monkey learn it better not pester too much and annoy Man. monkey ask Man where go next time for travel some place and learn more thing. Man say maybe go back spend more  time in new brunswick. maybe go see big hole in ground in great state arizona. Man not yet know but monkey already have big excitement for travel more. and learn. soon monkey have some thing for say about democrap convention and politician. come back later reader for monkey talk on politician.