more picture and story from your friend monkey today. monkey hope reader not get big boredom from travel picture and story.

b & b nice place for stay when on road travel here and there. better even from b & b = house of good friend and welcome of good friend when far from home. this house of good friend of Man and Lady in nova scotia. monkey have respect of privacy of friend so not show picture but show house here where Man and Lady enjoy steam mussel and lobster roll and wine and good talk and comfy bed when drive from train station. best part of stay with friend = good talk what not shallow. monkey love good friend of Man and Lady.

in back of house of friend of Lady and Man there pretty garden of flower. there vegetable too. lady of house = good garden person. man of house = very handy & build many thing. lady and man = nice people who make monkey welcome and not think monkey too weird and live 100 % a + life in canada. Man and Lady hope go back some time when visit close in place what have name new brunswick.

garden of friend pretty and trail in cape breton cabot trail pretty too. here Lady hike on trail what have name fishing cove trail. it good for get exercise and see bird and tree and flower and etc on trail of nature. not good for see big wolf coyote combo animal.

Man and Lady and monkey go hike on macintosh brook trail. there pretty waterfall at end of hike. Man get big excitement when see bird here what he think = canada warbler. Man like when can add bird to life list of bird he see. Lady get excitement when see bird what have name oven bird walk in leaves by brook. monkey always like walk with Man and Lady in nature. but maybe not where big coyote live.

here monkey visit buddhist gampo abbey in place pleasant bay and sit by gold buddha statue thing. it quiet in abbey. monkey learn little bit about people what live there and people what visit there. monkey not mean for give disrespect but think buddhist mans and ladies have too many concept and rule for how live. monkey think maybe mans and ladies have more big happiness when spend less time sit in shrine and meditate and more time in nature world. that just opinion of simple monkey brain.

Man and Lady turn off cabot trail road for overlook of beauty scene. monkey spot some thing in trash container and get bad idea maybe thing = human head. Man go take look and say it look like some one stuff head in trash but it just wig some one throw out. probably. Man not find out for sure. this still bother monkey many day later. Man and Lady and monkey see many strange thing when go travel all over but this wig or maybe head = in top 10 of most strange thing.

goodbye today reader. monkey have still more picture of nova scotia adventure travel so reader come back for see more later. maybe tomorrow.