yesterday monkey make report # 1 of 100 % a + vacation of Man and Lady and monkey in nova scotia. today monkey have more pride to report again with more picture. here go report.

it pretty in nova scotia part what have name cape breton. here picture Lady take. that Man stand on dock thing in bras d’or lake what is big lake full salt water. Man say make sure put apostrophe in name. monkey say what ever. go look map on www internet for see how big = bras d’or lake.

here picture of pretty beach and sky in place what have name ingonish. monkey think that funny name but Man say dont be stupid monkey. any word sound funny if say again and again. Man say cant beat cape breton for prettiness and monkey agree with Man. you want see many pretty place go cape breton. go on cabot trail.

monkey say that enough pretty picture today. here nice picture of monkey in place what have name pleasant bay. it near where many boat go out in water for see whale. Man and Lady already see whale before so not go out. monkey see pirate and whine until Man and Lady let monkey make pose for reader. reader already know monkey love pirate. even have pirate costume. next time monkey travel with Man and Lady monkey take pirate costume too. Man find out best time for see whale in month september. 1 time here even giant blue whale come in water.

monkey love giant like mr angus macaskill and blue whale and etc. here monkey with giant man statue near restaurant rusty anchor in place what have name pleasant bay. monkey wish there book full of picture of giant thing. monkey think book of giant = 100 % a + best seller book. what not to like about giant. maybe not giant in jack and beanstalk what scare monkey.

here monkey pose with display in alexander bell museum place in baddeck nova scotia. there many thing what = interesting in museum. mr bell not just about telephone. he help make 1st airplane fly in canada. he help make boat with hydrofoil go record fast on lake in baddeck. etc. one thing mr bell do when boy = teach dog say how are you grandmama. dog not say word just like that. dog say ow ah oo gamama. monkey think that pretty good for dog. pretty good trick for mr bell too.

speak of dog here friend of monkey what have name dico. dico live in b & b where Man and Lady stay in place have name truro in nova scotia. Man and Lady like stay in b & b and not hotel and not tent. most of time room in b & b nice and breakfast food taste good. in b & b where dico live for breakfast there fresh fruit & whipped cream crepe and home made croissant and good coffee and tea and etc and good talk with other guest. Man and Lady like meet other mans and ladies from all over world in b & b and make friend like dico. if reader travel maybe look into stay at b & b and not chain hotel. Man and Lady not find yet bedbug in b & b.

here animal Man and Lady see on cabot trail road. it look like dog and = kind of cousin of dog like dico. it coyote. coyote here not just coyote. it part wolf and look like wolf. when Man and Lady see coyote here Man stop car and get out and take picture. coyote not care and just stand there until feel like move into wood. there sign on hike trail what say watch out for coyote and here what do if coyote come closer and etc. coyote big like this = maybe dangerous. if reader go hike on cabot trail watch out for coyote. 1 lady get killed by coyote 1 time. watch out. even in place what have great prettiness there some time danger.

goodbye today reader. there more picture tomorrow. come back tomorrow for see new mystery picture and etc.