today monkey = happy for present report # 1 of vacation with Man and Lady in place what have name nova scotia. here come report now part 1. only 5 picture today.

here picture of thing what no one know what is. Man and Lady see thing on beach in place have name blue sea beach when tide out. see other thing too like bird in danger = piping plover. Man happy and add bird name to list of all bird he see in life. maybe reader know what is beach mystery. to monkey it look like little pile spaghetti. or string. or many worm. or twisty brain of politician. like thing like beach mystery interest simple mind of monkey.

here Lady talk with lady what have name donelda macaskill. man = capt john macaskill. macaskill people take Man and Lady for see puffin bird in place have name bird islands in ocean. puffin all gone but Man and Lady see many other bird like ruddy turnstone and nice seal. here interesting thing. capt john = great nephew of cape breton giant mr angus macaskill who 7 feet 10 inch and long ago go tour with barnum circus and little man tom thumb. giant die long time ago. this disappoint monkey who want see giant man some time. or giant lady.

donelda show Man and Lady big rock what wear away by ocean and leave part what look like alligator. this scare monkey little bit until find out it just rock. this make monkey think there many thing what look like 1 thing but really something else. like rock here or like republicrap and democrap politician what full of many whopper lie.

here Lady find giant sock monkey in gift store in place what have name pictou nova scotia. giant not like your friend sock monkey or like giant angus macaskill. it just toy. if reader go ever to pictou then go too & see ship hector and gift shop and stay in nice b and b evening sail. face of Lady not really look like in picture. Man hide face for privacy what almost not exist any more.

Man always careful when park so not ding other car or get ding from stupid people. here example Man see on trip of some one who park like have no brain. Man say it good picture for send to site what have name youparklikeana**h***.com. monkey think site funny and tell Man go download notification there for put on windshield of stupid driver. Man say he think he do that.Man hide license plate of stupid driver for privacy but monkey think maybe driver not deserve privacy.

goodbye today reader. tomorrow or some time other monkey give more picture and report of nova scotia. monkey like travel with Man and Lady and learn many thing about mystery and giant and alligator rock and stupid driver. if reader want learn more about dumb ass driver then reader visit site of parking badness.