monkey come back from vacation and give now sum up of gop republicrap platform. reader not need go look at big fat document of republicrap party. reader not struggle for try understand what poor confused old man mr clint eastwood babble at big republicrap convention. reader not have to listen to big republicrap noise machine. here monkey sum up.

  1. super man what have name god create every thing in 6 day about 6000 year ago.
  2. man = super exceptional a + creation what come from god. man 100 % best creation of all thing in universe.
  3. republicrap man= super exceptional a + man.
  4. lady = maybe about 1/2 of what man =. lady go shut up and listen what man say.
  5. marriage only for mans and ladies. every one else go live in closet and shut up.
  6. rich man = natural ruler of all other man and lady.
  7. it good for get rich. only lazy and weak stay poor.
  8. it good for use up planet earth for make man rich and make rich man more rich. example = rip up earth and drill everywhere = ok.
  9. good luck for middle class and poor class in world of rich mans and ladies. money stay with rich and poop of rich trickle down on head of poor and middle class. maybe once in while part time low pay job with out benefit trickle down for poor and middle class.
  10. rich mans and ladies have money for health care because they work hard for make money. or get money from rich daddy and mama. or take money from big account what hide somewhere. good luck every body in middle and poor class.

goodbye today reader. that about it for republicrap platform. soon monkey have picture from vacation for reader. soon too monkey have simple democrap platform for reader.