monkey say it hard for compete with rombama reality show what play for next 3 month. little campaign of monkey for = mr president # 45 get lost in big noise of mr willard mitt romney and serious mr paul davis ryan and mr president # 44 barack h obama and mr vp joseph robinette biden jr.

Man say rombama reality show like giant spitting contest what hold attention of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. monkey think maybe soon it time for throw towel and quit contest for = mr president # 45 and go back for live quiet life of monkey with Man and Lady.

monkey and Man and Lady go tomorrow for vacation and monkey wait until get back home and then blog with picture of nice place Man and Lady take monkey. when Man and Lady go for travel they take monkey always and take picture with monkey. if other mans and ladies ask what up with the monkey Man and Lady say this the travel monkey and it easier from haul garden gnome around.

goodbye today reader. monkey say bye bye for many day. when come home monkey promise big announcement about if monkey stay in race for mr president # 45. and blog with picture of trip.