now monkey show new political ad what go negative on rombama and positive on monkey a + campaign for = mr president # 45 of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

monkey see many not true thing and 1/2 true thing in rombama campaign speech and ad. reader can go factcheck.org for see why pants of rombama catch on fire. 2 campaign of rombama tell many whopper. monkey promise never tell whopper. maybe reader share nice and tell friend about factcheck.org.

now here new ad for reader share with tweet and facebook and link to monkey blog and etc etc. maybe reader make nice decal for car window from monkey campaign ad. monkey not have instruction for how make decal but maybe reader have smartness enough. now here new monkey super patriot ad.

goodbye today reader. monkey ask you for help spread word of great monkey campaign for live in house of whiteness. go now and sing everywhere hey monkey monkey monkey and tell friend go visit factcheck.org. and remember if  president monkey not fix problem of usa america you get vote back in 4 year.