today monkey take time off from busy 2012 race to house of whiteness for tell joke. this for show all voter monkey have good sense of humor and monkey hope maybe it energize monkey voter base. here joke.

reporter tell congressman critic compare you to president richard nixon for tell lie and have bad temper.

congressman say that nonsense. richard nixon and i not have 1 thing in common. 1 of us cheat and lie way to top and betray voter and abuse everyone he meet and leave legacy what big embarrassment. the other of us been dead for 18 year.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you like humorous joke of politics. now reader please go and spread word everywhere of monkey campaign for mr president # 45 of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. go tweet and facebook and etc for spread word of new age of awesomeness and okayness under 100 % a + leadership of mr president monkey. thank you for support.