voter mans and ladies need know why it = 100 % a + good idea for vote for sock monkey = mr president. here platform what tell why it good idea.  monkey have easy quick cure for all problem of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. when monkey = mr president then # 1 usa america 100 % better. now country of land of free home of brave have new name. new name = # 1 exceptional best usa america of whole universe land of free home of brave. it happen when mr president monkey use a + skill of great leadership. here big issue what monkey platform take care of.

  • work. everybody have work and make same salary for make money for stay alive with food and water and clothes and for get to work. that mean worker on factory floor and ceo and coo of company all make same salary. everybody equal worker in new world of monkey leadership. monkey give certificate what say good job to everybody every year. no more have jealous middle class. no more have elite plutocrat ruling class. everybody equal and happy.
  • school. everybody go 100 % excellent school with genius teacher and great program and no failure what even better from program in finland and singapore. new age of super education and smartness come in world of monkey leadership. monkey make committee for make new super education happen in 1 week after take oath of president office. monkey education make many point of brain light shine over earth planet.
  • health care. monkey close all health program and insurance company. now everybody have equal opportunity health. everything cost only $ 5.00. go see doctor. $ 5.00. go get brain operation. $ 5.00. get tooth pull out of mouth. $ 5.00.  etc. everybody make same salary and pay same doctor bill or can trade and barter for health. health care same for everybody in new world of monkey leadership.
  • marriage. for stop big argument about who get married and stop big divorce rate monkey say everybody get divorce and no more marriage. now everybody not married and no more marriage problem. this problem have easy solution when use new monkey way of do thing.
  • money. nobody hide trillion of $$$ in secret account any more. monkey close all secret account and give everybody equal share of money what now in all secret account. now everybody have big wealth in new world of monkey leadership. no more worry where is all money for create job. all peoples have plenty $$$ for live and make job.
  • housing and immigration. everybody get free cool tent and sleeping bag for fun when born in new # 1 exceptional best usa america of whole universe land of free home of brave in new world of monkey leadership. if later man or lady want buy house then monkey plan for many million condo in big tall wall monkey build all around usa border even on ocean shore for keep out not citizen mans and ladies. monkey solve 2 big problem with 1 idea in new world of monkey genius leadership.
  • gun control. first all gun what now in hand of everybody collected and smashed. monkey close all brick mortar gun shop and internet gun shop. next everybody get big bag rock with forever free refill and golf club for protect self. now everybody safe and have equal protection in new world of monkey leadership. can throw rock at immigrant from condo window for help keep out bad immigrant too. mans and ladies can find own rock too.
  • environment. monkey not have worry about environment.  Man tell monkey not worry. earth planet get rid of biggest problem all by self.

goodbye today reader. Man say monkey platform show sign of serious derangement but monkey not care. monkey say you want see serious derangement go look at usa congress. simple brain of monkey know what best for country. monkey work on platform more. monkey ask reader get ready for vote in november. vote monkey. go tweet and facebook hey monkey monkey monkey for support monkey = mr president. remember monkey not republicrap and monkey not democrap. vote for crapless monkey.