oh oh. monkey campaign for = mr president of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave have little bit problem. there whackjob bigmouth people what think monkey not exceptional natural born citizen usa and old enough for = mr president. here answer of monkey to whackjob.

  1. monkey natural . monkey have natural body mostly. there some ingredient what made by man but there many natural ingredient. mans and ladies what have artificial hip and knee have stuff what made by man but still mans and ladies = natural. so monkey = natural.
  2. monkey born. monkey first not exist. now in usa store monkey wake up and exist. that mean monkey born in usa.
  3.  monkey citizen of usa. monkey get born and live here in usa with Man and Lady. citizen = someone what live someplace. so monkey = citizen.
  4. 1+2+3 = monkey natural + born + citizen = natural born citizen.
  5. monkey have receipt what show monkey come from usa store. monkey show receipt to any mans or ladies who want see. even whackjob mans and ladies.
  6. in monkey year monkey have more than 35 human being year and live more than 14 year in # 1 exceptional usa america.

monkey think that good enough for run for mr president. monkey 100 % a + meet qualification for = mr president. now monkey tell whackjob go shut big bazoo and get life and get ready for live with mr president sock monkey in house of whiteness.

goodbye today reader. monkey keep reader up date with breaking news of monkey campaign. reader go register for vote. reader get photo id ready for vote. reader spread word of great campaign of monkey on www internet dot facebook com. tweet all over monkey campaign. reader yell out great campaign slogan of monkey hey monkey monkey monkey.