monkey think now it 100 % in bag for monkey win big race and = # 1 usa president # 45 . monkey get today big support endorsement.  monkey bet reader want know who = monkey big support.

  • no it not rush limbaugh what look like macy parade float and bellow like cow what have stomach ache.
  • no it not john kerry what have giant forehead and big hair and report for duty and lose and not get job.
  • no it not sarah palin what have jaw look like lady terminator from future and flap jaw and say stoopididity like how’s that hopey changey thing working out for ya.
  • no it not nancy pelosi what refuse reveal tax return and = way too many year in congress career job since 1987.

no. monkey not want republicrap and democrap support from mans and ladies like rush and john and sarah and nancy and etc. monkey not want blowhard and robopath for support.

here support monkey announce proud today. it man what look like president # 16 abraham lincoln also on 1 penny coin and $ 5 money paper. it man what = just regular man of we the people. only like dress like mr president lincoln once in while. for fun.

join monkey and friend from we the people & vote for help monkey = president of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. reader tweet everybody & say vote for monkey. reader go on www internet social network facebook and say vote  monkey for mr president.

goodbye today reader. monkey ask for reader support. spread word of monkey campaign on facebook and tweet and etc. tell friend please vote for monkey. if need photo id for go vote in state what try get rid of voter then better go get photo id 100 % fast. register for vote too. dont forget get register for vote and get id for vote now. write in monkey for mr president.