monkey work hard for have 100 % a + slogan for win big potus campaign and have many idea. here all idea monkey have but yet not make mind up for pick slogan. monkey have campaign committee what help monkey pick. later. campaign committee = Man and Lady.

  • enjoy tasty crunchy goodness of president monkey.
  • accept monkey for savior of earth planet and # 1 usa.
  • if you have problem monkey fix it or you get vote back in 4 year.
  • dream big with monkey for wonderfulness of # 1 usa.
  • vote for not lunatic monkey.
  • monkey awesomeness. what not to like.
  • enter new age of okayness with president monkey.
  • say bye bye bad day. here come monkey shine on horizon of new time of good day.
  • monkey not republicrap. monkey not democrap. vote for crapless monkey.
  • here come a + super monkey for save the day.
  • hey monkey monkey monkey.
  • talk to your doctor about president monkey.
  • go together with monkey for march to house of whiteness.
  • elect dear leader monkey now.
  • join onward monkey soldier parade.
  • watch out washington. it magic monkey time.
  • monkey leave no result behind.
  • monkey need a change. vote for monkey.
  • mr president monkey. that sound good.

goodbye today reader. still monkey keep work for find slogan. reader please write in name of mr sock monkey for president. thank you say monkey.