here more promise mr super candidate for potus sock monkey make for people of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. monkey make more promise later. today also monkey say who on list of  maybe vp for monkey campaign. here more promise first.

  • monkey promise no giant asteroid come fly hit earth planet and make mess and extinct everybody when monkey president. no big comet hit earth planet too when monkey president. there no danger from outer space when monkey = boss.
  • monkey promise clean out congress what fill with big baby what always fight and cry and whine and make sour puss and make trouble and lie and etc. monkey make law what say monkey = # 1 boss of everybody and no more congress.
  • monkey promise climate change stop and earth planet not have great hotness and sea not rise when monkey in office in white house. monkey make climate behave nice.
  • monkey promise reveal all tax return if monkey ever have tax return. here monkey financial statement. monkey have lottery ticket what win $ 2 for cash in at store later. monkey hide ticket in book where Man live. that all money what monkey have.
  • monkey promise fight always hard for happiness of everybody and fight always hard for keep exceptional usa america land of free home of brave # 1 forever.
  • monkey promise find cure for all disease and old age so mans and ladies = young and strong  forever.
  • monkey promise make law for monkey = forever president of usa america and make america # 1 strong and best in world and everybody live in happiness.

now here list of vp for monkey campaign. monkey not decide yet who = vp.

  1. maybe hulk hogan who big tough man what keep eye on bad mans and ladies and help monkey make law and order
  2. maybe ann curry who nice and sweet and harmless and not make problem for president monkey and keep usa america from get in trouble and behave

goodbye today reader. monkey still work for get 100 % super slogan for big campaign. monkey publish slogan soon. vote for monkey in month of november. reader write in name of monkey for president. monkey say thank you for support.