monkey today review big yesterday july 4 parade for birthday party # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave.

first monkey tell what not like about parade. politician walk in street and wave with phony smile. monkey not like politician. stay home next year politician. not ruin parade and stay home. monkey also not like it hot 90 degree. and muggy.

here what monkey like.

many firetruck what blow siren and fireman throw candy to littles.

yay here come firetruck. there many firetruck in parade. some very old.

many band of school and fireman and drum corps and etc.

yay here come fireman band what play march music for people. in pipe band mans wear dress. Man say dress = kilt. Monkey think it good idea on hot day for mans wear kilt.

many old car and truck what have nice polish and shine. and car what have many balloon.

yay here come crazy balloon car. this favorite car of monkey in parade.

mans what dress up like president on mt rushmore and walk down street and later drop by house of cousin of Lady for have cold drink and food. when lincoln president man come to house after parade he make joke. he say hope this isnt fords theater.

here monkey with 3 old president. they not real president. just play president in parade. 1 president say someone on sidewalk of parade ask what kind pirate they are. that make everybody laugh.

many flag wave and mans and ladies watch parade and have good time and cheer and clap and have happy smile.

many mans and ladies and littles come for be happy at parade. next year monkey want go back to porch of house of cousin man of Lady for watch parade.

goodbye today reader. monkey have 100 % a + fun at parade and hope you have fun yesterday july 4 and not blow finger off hand with firecracker and or set fire on lawn with rocket and not eat many hotdog what make stomach feel bad and not get burn by sun.