today  monkey go later for see parade same place monkey go last year. parade have firetruck and band and old car and scout troop and politician and etc. monkey promise behave nice and not run in street for show fang and screech at politician what walk and smile and wave and throw candy and hand out leaflet. leaflet mean little paper what tell wonderfulness of politician.

monkey forget and ask Man why there parade on july 4. Man say parade = way of show happy birthday # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. monkey say it look like more way for eat hot dog and taco salad and bbq rib and chip and drink beer and soda and joke with friend and family and tell story and not go work. Man say it that too. it both.

tonight when sun go sleep many firecracker and rocket make boom and bang and flash for mans and ladies and littles say oooh and aaah and wow. monkey like firework too but monkey hope moron neighbor not set fire in dry grass or make rocket go on roof and burn house up.

goodbye today reader. if Man remember take camera when go parade then maybe reader see picture of july 4 of monkey and parade.