here today monkey give review for movie moonrise kingdom. monkey like movie 100 % and give many star for review. here what monkey like in movie. Man not let monkey use word film because he say it pretentious word.

  • monkey like movie story what have misfit in it. in moonrise movie there many misfit. not psycho misfit. in movie moonrise kingdom misfit = person what need go on adventure for find out about thing like love and how live with problem of life and how live with adult what not perfect model of how grow up and how figure out what do with emotion and etc.
  • monkey usually not like kid actor. especially cutesy kid actor. especially cutesy kid actor what son or daughter of older actor. but monkey like kid actor in movie. kid in movie like real kid and not like real kid both. kid character in movie have urge of kid for be free and find thing out but not like usual kid what walk around in mall or middle school. they like kid what live in storybook like storybook in movie.
  • movie innocent kind of and not full crappy violence and sexy thing and potty mouth word and hollywood crap. it not like 100 % stupid movie what have name ted what like 4 episode of televisionon sit com stoopididity stitch together. only thing ted missing = many commercial break.
  • moonrise kingdom movie not stuff full from action and talk. there just enough for make story go. and photography in movie make monkey say that beautiful and wow monkey like visit there.
  • big star in movie bill murray and bruce willis and edward norton and frances mcdormand do good job not look like big star in role. all play adult with quirk but not overact.

here what monkey not like about movie. nothing. monkey like everything.

goodbye today reader. monkey say spend money see moonrise kingdom. but not spend $3.50 for buy little bottle water in movie. bring own water.