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last post monkey say next time there eggplant recipe. monkey too say or something else. today it something else. it about health care in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave.

today monkey reveal 100 % a + good plan for solve big politician war about health care and for stop all citizen from more whine and shout and wave flag and have froth at mouth and scream and make threat and jump up and down and show fang like baboon and etc. here idea so every body calm down.

monkey plan = zero health insurance for 100 % all mans and ladies and littles in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave.

that mean no private insurance. no government insurance. no more health insurance company. no more insurance from company where work. no medicare. no medicaid. no health insurance period. this very a + smart idea from simple brain of monkey.

when citizen pay doctor with cash or barter then citizen get health care. in monkey great plan there no more big bureaucracy. in monkey great plan there no more government barge in life of man and lady and little and tell what do. health care = cash and carry just like go buy something. no money = no car. no money = no candy bar. no money = no medical treatment.

now every man and lady and little help own self when get sick and take care of own self.  this plan = 100 % people take care of self and not sponge off other people.

no more anyone make people what have more $$$ help people what have less $$$. or no $$$. yay. now every body have same chance stay alive. this fair for all usa america citizen. no more free lunch. no more free ride. that not way of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. maybe somewhere in bible or constitution it say that .

monkey too say congressmans and congressladies and rich mans and ladies set 100 % good example for all citizen and stop have health insurance and pay out from pocket for doctor first for show how it a + good for # 1 usa america when everybody take care of self. without health insurance. and for show how it important all mans and ladies go work hard in usa america land of many opportunity for make $$$ for pay doctor bill. that important lesson for all citizen. no more hand out for lazy citizen. politician and rich peoples set good example and show all citizen how not be lazy and how make many $$$ and be big success and not suck life out of # 1 exceptional usa america.

Man say monkey idea = idiotic and horrible and cruel. monkey say hey this blog of monkey not blog of Man and let america citizen give monkey plan try and decide.

goodbye today reader. maybe if reader have many $$$ now try great plan of monkey and not have insurance. give up insurance today and help make # 1 exceptional usa america more better than already is.