today monkey have joke for reader. monkey not get joke but Man laugh and Lady laugh. maybe reader too laugh. here joke.

there grandma who want take little boy grandson out for day to beach. grandma ask mama of little boy if ok and mama say it ok but please keep close eye on little boy because he run off fast some time. grandma say ok and say not worry.

so grandma take little grandson to beach for day. after lunch little boy ask grandma for ice cream cone and grandma say ok. grandma go to ice cream stand and order cone. when she turn around for give cone to boy he gone. grandma look all over beach but little boy gone.

grandma panic and start cry and pray and say oh please bring back grandson and i will never let out of sight ever again. just then grandma look way out  in ocean and see golden dolphin with little boy on back. oh thank you thank you grandma say while golden dophin swim with little boy fast to beach. pretty soon little boy on beach and run to grandma and grandma give big hug. then grandma say to dolphin he was wearing a hat.

goodbye today reader. monkey tonight try figure out joke.