it about 4 week now that Man go off www internet facebook place for ever. monkey ask Man if Man miss facebook. Man laugh and ask what facebook. then Man answer and say he not miss facebook.  here more reason from Man and monkey for reader think maybe quit.

  • facebook = boring. some mans and ladies on facebook write interesting stuff and give interesting news and show interesting pictures and etc. but many mans and ladies on facebook write boring stuff about every little thing like where go and what do and etc. monkey not care about every little thing. Man too. Man say if some one what know Man want tell Man interesting news then can write email. maybe attach picture. can use dropbox too for share file. that way friend keep up with news. and Man not need wade through river of boring stuff for find good stuff.
  • Man have 100 % big unlike for personal info get use by people he not know. that include corporation = people my friend in # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave. Man make joke and say here 1984 monkey. big brother watching. even after Man leave facebook and not able log in any more Man wonder still how much account stuff still in hands of facebook. and in hands of other stranger Man not know. and maybe not want know.
  • Man also wonder when big security breach happen at facebook and many million of user have 100 % big reason for big scary thought.
  • Man think no body miss Man on facebook too. Man say out of sight out of mind. so no body have big hurt feeling from when Man leave. Man say if reader think he or she break many heart when leave facebook then reader need think again.
  • Man not like have many connection to many people. Man not unfriendly.  just not need many friend for be happy. that mean friend in real world life not life of digital friend. maybe reader have too many digital friend.
  • now Man leave facebook and have more time for write other stuff.  like help simple monkey with blog. and work on book what = project what never end. Man say it more fun work on book even if book go no where than write little comment here and little comment there on facebook and piddle away time. Man say time = something he not have luxury of making waste with at age he have.
  • Man and monkey make suggest and say if reader have stuff for say online why not make blog on wordpress or some other blog place. like google blogger or posterous what = super duper easy for use.

goodbye today reader. this last time monkey write about why Man give up facebook and how Man live without facebook. Man say life not on screen of facebook 100 % better.