Man say it now time for finish summer reading list for year 2012. monkey have today 0 material for blog so say ok.  here list # 2 what have 8 more book. that make 20 book for summer from Man and monkey. no more summer read list until year 2013 come. click on many link down in list for more info about book.

  • the space merchants by frederik pohl & cyril kornbluth. space merchant book more than 50 year old but it about world what run by big corporation. like world today. it book full with satire humor and Man say it a + science fiction. not big classic like brave new world but good summer book.
  • tintin book.  reader go here for find out tintin info. Man say forget movie tintin. book = many % better from movie. if reader little man or little lady tintin book good for read in tree house and under cover with flashlight Man say. or on porch when there thunderstorm. or it too hot for play outside. etc.
  • democracy in america by alexis de tocqueville. it old big book from century # 19 but it give good picture # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave then. during read of book and after reader maybe think about how america turn out.
  • nothing: a very short introduction by frank close. frank close = professor physics oxford. book = little book about big question of universe. Man think it good book for mans and ladies what not know much about universe and want know a little bit something. Man like a very short introduction book series. Man not young and not have much time more  for plow through many big book for learn all about thing. very short introduction book help Man learn for fun little bit about many thing.
  • fear and loathing on the campaign trail by hunter thompson. big 2012 campaign for president of # 1 exceptional usa america land of free home of brave almost here. this book = look at politician and campaign and history and news in year 1972. even simple brain of monkey have interest in book.
  • the wind in the willows by kenneth grahame = 100 % classic book for littles but adult too can like. can download free for read on computer machine or kindle or nook or etc. big adventure of mr toad. and other animal. can buy in store too.
  • the winter of our discontent by john steinbeck = story of man what get trapped in idea for lose conscience and get power and $$$ in usa america. Man say good character in book. good dialogue. Man read all steinbeck already but like best winter of discontent . grapes of wrath too. and cannery row. this last novel book mr steinbeck ever write.
  • the pickwick papers by charles dickens = first novel book mr dickens ever write. many travel adventure of pickwick club member in book amuse reader. reader will like many interesting character. monkey like alfred jingle 100 %.

goodbye today reader. no more read list for year 2012. come back later 2013 for look for more book list. monkey now go take little nap. monkey get tired watch Man mow lawn before and now need go sleepy bye.