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today monkey read many celebrity news article at huffington post what 1 time = ok place for go get news but now like read crummy tabloid crap in super market check out or see on entertainment tonight on televisionon. so monkey now give big important breaking news from huffington post. and comment.

# 1 miley cyrus shows major cleavage. monkey think young lady maybe need attention. not attention from show body part. other kind of attention.

# 2 salma hayek shows cleavage, wears yoga pants. monkey say it good for young lady at least wear pants. yay.

# 3 madonna flashes nipple. 100 % yuck say monkey. last thing today monkey want think about = nipple what old lady have.

# 4 rihanna wears lacy bra as shirt. monkey wonder if this example exhibitionist. Man say sure is.

# 5 adorable kitten WILL NOT let friend nap. monkey 100 % tired with all cute viral kitty and cute viral puppy on www internet dot com. especially adorable kitty. go away kitty and puppy. go away.

# 6 what the cast of e. t. looks like now. monkey interest = 0 % but bet e. t. look same.

# 7 justin bieber rips off the backstreet boys. monkey still not get little bieber boy. but monkey think big street fight with bieber vs backstreet boy good entertainment.

# 8 cops fear lyndsay lohan may have lied after car crash.  monkey think maybe lyndsay lohan need spank. monkey volunteer for give spank.

goodbye today reader. once in while monkey give again big breaking celebrity stoopididity prolefeed news. and comment. Man say make sure mention that today Man and monkey publish # 314 post. Man say it happy pi post day.