monkey go movie with Man for watch movie what have name prometheus. first Man and monkey sit and see many ad for buy candy and eat this and go that restaurant and drink sport drink and advertise here and watch new crap televisionon show come this fall and watch movie in theater big screen not home with little screen and etc etc. then come  little movie for turn off cellphone from phone company. little movie ask stupid question if phone dream and say can see what phone dream at end of show so turn off phone. that stoopididity. then Man and monkey sit more and see many preview for movie what look like will have violence and monster and criminal and blood and axe and gun and explosion like abraham lincoln vampire hunter and house at end of street and savages and the possession and etc etc for many minute. then come message # 2 what say turn off cellphone and no talk and no text when movie come on. monkey ask Man if mans and ladies = 100 % stupid if need have 2 little movie say turn off cellphone. Man say yes monkey. mans and ladies just that stupid.

then movie prometheus start. finally. monkey not give spoiler. just say what like and not like about movie.

here what monkey like.

  • alien world and alien space ship
  • cool alien what look like big muscle beach venice california man but have no hair and have color like off white refrigerator
  • creature like squid with big tentacle and more other alien creature what not look like man and look like snake. creature scare monkey but it just movie.
  • c g i stuff = 100 % a + super duper
  • music help movie 100 %. you go see movie then listen hard for music.

here what monkey not like.

  • ho hum story = c +
  • character not interesting. monkey not care what happen to character.
  • it easy for monkey tell what come next. Man say movie predictable.
  • movie too long. if monkey edit then movie only 75 % so long.
  • movie ask big question where mans and ladies come from but there no 100 % answer. movie end and watcher know 100 % will be next movie what come in prometheus story
  • tough ripley lady hero in alien movie kick ass of shaw lady hero in prometheus

goodbye today reader. monkey say if go see movie take earplug. all junk on screen before movie come on = very loud like audience have deafness. monkey say remember turn cell phone off. that little joke from monkey.